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Server Relocating Specialists Present a Comprehensive Guidebook to Server Relocation

Moving your IT estate from one point to another is an important task. Relocating  your home is a stressful task, but the process of relocating servers is a different challenge altogether.

You cannot expect general relocation companies that offer moving and packing services to provide you with the experience and technical challenges that arise. It is highly advocated that you reach out to an organization that can offer you with server relocation specialists. The reason you need to give special considerations to every bite of your precious data is that it is the life blood of your business and any unscheduled downtime can prove very costly.

If you currently house your server on your premises there  may be cost and technological benefits in relocating your technology to the cloud. Our IT Relocation Specialists can provide advice to help you decided

Possible Challenges to relocating 

  • Space

When it comes to relocation to a new environment , space and the suitability  play a significant role. It is imperative that the new location has enough space, cooling and power to run your equipment

  • Contingency

One of the most common mistakes people end up committing is the fact that they do not have a contingency plan (disaster recovery)  Sometimes, the relocation of the server can take more time than one might have anticipated due to holdups with completion of construction or delays in WAN circuits being delivered, you need to think of a plan to make your business still functional while the servers are offline.

  • Data backup

 Once you are all set to move, it is essential to have a data backup just to be on the safe side if the relocation results in any data loss. There are different server management systems available online that can help you with the backup even without adjusting the other applications. If you are not familiar with one such system, feel free to reach out to IT relocation services in the UK who can walk you through it.

  • Data Privacy 

 One of the major concerns while relocating servers is the safety of critical data. Irrespective of the nature of the organization, every company has critical data that cannot be leaked at any cost. It is adamant for you to reach out to an organization that can offer good communication so as to assure you that there will be no data leakage and keep you updated with the relocation.

Planning a successful server relocation

While choosing IT relocation services in the UKit is suggested to opt for a company that can work as an extension of your very own staff, a company that is flexible enough to understand your company values and come up with a plan for successful server relocation, which I convenient and beneficial for both the parties. The following is a list of careful considerations that you need to make while planning successful server relocation. Without any further ado, read on to plunge into the details.

  • Plan Ahead

Relocating servers can take a huge toll on your business if it goes wrong. It might not just set you back with additional expenses if there is any physical damage to the serves but also cot you for the time when the server is offline. Hence, it is better to invest in reliable IT relocation services in the UK rather than dealing with the possibility of a chaotic relocation.

  • Communication

Ensure that you establish proper coordination between the IT department of your company and the movers so as to ensure there is no miscommunication to disrupt the relocation. It is also suggested that you calculate the average time to relocate the server so as to present the tech suppliers with a heads up so they can be ready in case any of the equipment requires being replaced or repaired. Make sure you are on the same page with the moving company regarding the wiring and cabling plan.

  • Monetary considerations

 Whenever you opt for any sort of services for your business, it is essential to come up with a budget to see if the company is in good shape financially to go through it. Before any of it, ask the moving company for a precise service quote. You can inquire about the service quote from different companies and decide which one suits you best. Other than that, calculate the overtime cot that you have to pay to the IT company to support you with the relocation.

  • Appropriate environment

 Make sure the new environment you are moving to is appropriate for the servers. Make sure there is efficient cooling, a proper place to keep the rest of the IT hardware such as routers, scanner, power jacks, network cabling points, etc. Install a security system in the service room to ensure there is no possibility of data theft. Come up with a safety protocol in case of emergencies.

  • Attention to detail

There are small considerations which usually keep your mind like checking the internet speed of the new office, checking the insurance policy of the moving company. Make sure you do not miss out on any while choosing IT relocation services in the UK.

Once the server has been successfully relocated, then it is the job of the IT department to test the servers. If you are trying to find a reliable IT relocation services in the UKfeel free to reach out to Nexus DMM.

The company strives to present you with nothing but with the best with the help of a dedicated team of professionals. The organization presents its customers with over 20 years of experience and offers a tremendous standard of care and planning with every job.

Posted: 11,08,2020

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