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A Step-by-Step Guide To The Perfect Office Relocation

Are you moving to new office space? If so, then it is an exciting prospect that requires planning and significant time. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving your business is reconfiguring the office the office or moving across the country poorly managed office relocation can be a huge headache for employees and business continuity

Strategic Planning is the only way forward as there are many crucial aspects to consider. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you carry out the office relocation and IT relocation in an efficient manner with minimal interruption to business critical applications

  • Set a time frame

There’s no denying the fact that moving an office is a time-consuming project. So if you wish to plan your relocation, then you should start planning as soon as possible and map out the time frame to make the process smooth and easy. Generally, it is recommended to start planning as soon as the move is signed and sealed.

  • Choose your Project Team

Whether it is about successful data center migration only or relocating the entire office—every member of your team should be committed to improving the quality of your workplace. Notably, the project leader needs to dedicate significant efforts and time to manage the relocation process properly. The rest of the team members also have individual jobs across different departments, doing so will ensure that the relocation process gets input from each aspect of the company. For instance, finance can manage the budget; IT can oversee the technological transformation, and marketing can take care of the company’s brand that is represented in the space. If you have a project move team of individuals that include members from each department will also ensure your new workspace works for everyone—this is the end goal.

  • Sync your Business Strategy with your Workspace Goals

If you wish to relocate your office successfully, consider your workspace as a tremendous strategic enabler—it works as a catalyst to achieve your business goals. While there is plenty to consider, you can start by thinking about how you will make your team work together in the new space. Ask yourself questions like do you want to enable agility, encourage cross-departmental collaboration, or update your technological process. Once all this is done, you can now consider how the workplace can help you implement the changes.

  • Set a Budget

Another decisive factor for companies relocating offices is cost. While you are planning the move, set a budget for the move and, most importantly—stick to it. If you manage to map out your budget and your time-frame to avoid unexpected costs, it would be cherry on the cake. Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider cost-affecting factors like rent, commercial property agents, existing space dilapidations, commercial property agents, legal advice, IT infrastructures, and furniture and change management.

  • Choose a Location

When it comes to Successful Data Center Migration or office relocation, location is significantly essential for various reasons. However, mainly it should suit the needs of the client and employees. It would help if you also looked where your present team members reside and their commute hours. Do the same for your clients too as your new office needs to be accessible for both of them!

Consider one more factor while choosing the location, whether you want to be close to your competitors. Also, look for market availability—as a buzzing location gives you better exposure!

  • Decide How Much Space you Need

It is a bit tricky, and it can depend upon your demographic too. A lease can last from 3-10 years! It can matter a lot to the companies that are experiencing rapid or hyper-growth. If this is the case with you, it is best to hire a workplace consultant to foresee your growth and assess how much space you will need for prospects. Overestimating the amount of space you will need can impact the office culture negatively. Conversely, the lack of space can make you feel cramped and restricted.

  • Choose a Property Agent and Design and Build Specialist

Before you finalize your new office location, it would be a great idea to get in touch with a property agent as they have extensive knowledge of the rental market. It will their expertise and knowledge will come in handy to meet your requirements at the best value. Besides, it would help if you also considered which procurement method suits your company’s needs the best. The traditional procurement method is all about design, bid, and separately build, that means for better results, you will have to appoint an architect for the design. Then you can invite bids from construction contractors to carry out the work.

  • Put your people and clients at the center of the design

A company is classified as a successful one because of its employees and clients! Therefore, it would be great to design the workplace by keeping these two factors in mind. It is a good idea to pre-empt the design process by surveying the workplace. This will clarify what your team wants and expects from their new place. You should also make sure that this new place has enough natural lights.

  • Manage the move

Whether it is about IT network relocation or office relocation, you should always go for two sides: the practical and emotional sides. Tech, data, address, contact numbers, and other related transference is categorized under practical aspect. Office relocation can be an excellent opportunity for innovation, while some people may fear the adjustments and change. You have to handle every aspect of care.

  • Make small improvements with time

With time everything evolves, the way we work, and the way we utilize our workspace. Businesses should continue to make small and incremental changes to the business strategies and tactics.

Conclusion: Office and Data Centre relocation can be a time consuming project and may organizations use and internal; resource to mane the project often at the detriment of their daily tasks, it is always best to outsource the project to a company that has the time and experience to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Posted: 24,08,2020

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some of our clients