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Why Should You Prefer a Carrier Neutral Colocation Data Center?

Our world today is ruled by data! And, as much as the digital age progresses, colocation facilities are becoming more and more critical. That also makes the role of data centers important. Talking about colocation data centers, they have many advantages to using these colocation data centers. The most crucial advantage of colocation data centers is that you don’t need to worry about managing your IT infrastructure with them.

However, when it comes to relocation of a colocation data center, it is not that easy. You might require professional help for looking after the factor like monitoring tools that you should check, and most companies generally focus on these factors. However, they forget to check if the data center is carrier-neutral. This can have huge effects on achieving digital transformation. Here, we are going to talk about the importance of carrier-neutral colocation centers.

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Why Should You Prefer a Carrier Neutral Colocation Data Center?

  • Introduction to Carrier-Neutral Colocation Facility:

Data centers are known to offer both types of spaces— virtual and physical to companies. And, companies can make use of this space for managing and storing their servers. Most companies are using data centers to run their critical applications to focus on maintaining their existing systems only.

However, you also need to check the ISP that you are using to help you connect your network to the internet. And if the data center is a carrier-neutral facility, ISP providers are not a hiccup. They do not use a single ISP for connecting to the internet. These carrier-neutral data centers can provide various connectivity options to organizations and offer better performance.

  • Importance of Carrier-Neutral Colocation Data Center

Working with carrier-neutral colocation data centers offers many advantages. For instance, if you set your server in a data center, you are dependent on their environment. Carrier free data centers will help you in managing your connectivity needs. In another case, if you work with a single-carrier facility, then your connectivity option will be limited. When you work with a specific Internet Service Provider, you are just restricted to it only. However, keep in mind that some ISP offers free upgrades, and if one ISP is working with a data center, then you other competitive ISP.

This puts your organization in a very tight situation as your organization has to work with only a specific vendor and can’t choose any other ISP provider. If the ISP is increasing its price, then you can’t switch to other ISPs. Therefore, most companies don’t like working with a single-carrier facility.

You can reap many advantages of working with a carrier-neutral data center. Here are some of the essential benefits of carrier-neutral facilities:

  • Cost Savings

One of all advantages of working with carrier-neutral facilities is that they will offer you better connectivity prices. You have an option of choosing between various Internet Service Providers. This is how you can find the best offer for your organization.

All the ISPs will face intense competition from their other competitors and thus will decrease their price. Doing so will help them cater to more customers. If your organization doesn’t like the current ISP, you can easily switch to a new ISP. Not to mention that companies require different levels of ISP services, and if your organization is using technologies like IoT or edge computing, then it is evident that you need a better connection. These technologies don’t work with moderate connectivity options.

Tip: If you are planning to relocate your data server, employ a professional for a successful server data relocation planning and execution.

data relocation planning

  • Reliability

Today, every business is striving hard to increase its uptime. Carrier-neutral facilities offer ISP redundancy to your organization, and you will not get this type of service in single-carrier facilities.

To ensure that your central system doesn’t go down during an electric outage, you can connect different carriers with your central IT systems. So, in case if one carrier goes down, then you can connect with another ISP carrier. This will keep your essential systems always running. It is the best option to blend multiple ISPs to protect your network from DDoS attacks and deal with other hacking attacks.

Providing your organization from security breaches, these facilities use a single cross-connect to provide services to reduce the links in the network chain.

  • Flexibility

With time organizations are growing. Consequently, flexibility has become an essential factor, and companies are looking for facilities that can scale with them. Here, the carrier-neutral centers can match your needs. Thus, they offer you an ideal service and IT infrastructure.

Mind the fact that the arrangement of cables, servers, and routers can determine the speed of data center deployment, and most colocation facilities follow the main principles of networks. However, with carrier-neutral facilities, you can enjoy many more benefits like DR options, interconnections, and MSP services.

There are many advantages to working with carrier-neutral data centers. Therefore, facilities are switching to carrier-neutral services contributing to carrier-neutral facilities is increasing with time.

Posted: 07,01,2021

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